What we do

We partner with local organizations and our neighbors to make Prowers County the healthiest place to live in Colorado – where students are ready to learn, adults are ready to do their best at work, home and in the community and everyone wants to stay here to raise their families.

We’re dedicated to increasing exercise and healthy eating and decreasing diabetes and obesity by:

- Organizing fun fitness events for students and families
- Teach families how to buy and prepare affordable, healthy foods
-Develop students and parents to be leaders in helping other families get healthy

Our Staff

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Kris Stokke
Executive Director

Although I understand the power of social media, you won’t find me spending much time there. I’d rather get to know you face to face, share an activity, such as walking, running or supporting your organization or efforts by attending your meeting. I am passionate about getting out in nature, supporting the incredible partnerships and work that Big Timbers Community Alliance shares; and am inspired daily by the individual leadership within BTCA members. What we focus on expands, so I will focus on actions that support a robust, resilient and thriving community!

Favorite Powers County Spot: North Gateway Park

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Karla Martinez
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